Accommodation on Maiton Island

Many people who are going to Honeymoon Island are looking for privacy. Sometimes you need more then six hours to enjoy the beauty of the island, especially if you are just married (or going to be). So for these cases, there are a few types of rooms where you can stay. Unfortunately, there are no budget places.

The island resort, Maiton Beachfront Villa, has three types of villas.

The cheapest villa is a Standard one; this is a 40 square metre individually decorated room with balcony. There is wifi and LCD TV with cable channels, microwave, fridge, electric kettle. The price is around 11,500 THB per night.

The next one is Beachfront Villa with Jacuzzi. It’s similar to the Standard villa but includes open space Jacuzzi. The cost is 13,000 THB per night.

The last option is the Beachfront Pool villa which is also similar to Standard and includes a private pool. The cost is 17,500 THB.

All villas can host up to 3-4 people (f/ex.: 2 adults and 2 kids). If ever you need any extra bed feel free to ask. Relax even further with In-room massage which is available upon request.

It’s a great luxury resort for those who want to spend a few days in paradise.

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