When people think about an escape from Phuket, only one island comes to mind, and that is Koh Maiton, the ‘Honeymoon Island’. It’s a perfect spot to spend time with your beloved one since this tiny piece of land creates an absolutely unique romantic atmosphere. Some people come to the island to make a proposal, others go there for a honeymoon, the rest are enjoying chilled time under the palm trees – but whichever is your ideal this destination will be sure to impress.

Koh Maiton is located just 20 minutes away from Phuket, in the direction of Phi Phi islands. And we can say it’s one of the most relaxed sea trips in the Andamans so all ages will enjoy the journey. The short trip is also beneficial in terms of time distribution as you don’t want to spend hours of your precious time sitting on the boat, even if it is in such an idyllic sea. It’s holiday time so best to act smart and spend more quality time on the beach instead.

One of the main reasons people go to Honeymoon Island is the draw of its incredible natural surroundings! All the pictures you have seen on the internet are so much better in real life! It possesses all the qualities of a bountiful tropical island – palm trees, turquoise crystal clear waters, and its famous white sand beaches. Take time and do some trekking, it’s not so big to get lost and it’s really beautiful. The Island offers a variety of activities so you definitely won’t feel bored. But this is on the surface; if you delve beneath the sea’s surface you will be even more impressed! Marine life here is amazing; around four hundred species of fish live in this part of the sea including snakefish, eels and even dolphins.

If you need some privacy, Koh Maiton can offer houses for visitors. You can rent for day time or overnight depending on how long you plan to stay. Basically Honeymoon Island has a full range of services for all your needs. Don’t waste time and book your trip to this beautiful destination from Phuket right now!

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