Koh Maiton Island – Snorkelling

If you’ve never been snorkelling and your current location is Phuket then it’s the right place to start your adventure. Of course, I’m not talking about Phuket itself but the islands around it. There are a huge variety of places you can go for snorkelling but most of them are too far, overcrowded or just can’t offer good scenic marine life. However, the small island of Koh Maiton, which located just 20-30 minutes away from Phuket is a hidden gem of the Andamans! There are fewer tourists here compared to Phi Phi but there is similar underwater life. The island is close to Phuket and your “fish & coral hunting” is waiting for you here.

This spectacular island is a home to some of the best snorkelling sites of the Andaman Sea. The shore of Koh Maiton is full of amazing vibrant, colorful life and beauty hidden among the spectacular corals. Here you can find around 400 species of fish. The most remarkable inhabitants of this part of the sea are Clownfish (aka Nemo), Giant clam, Bivalve and of course the magnificent dolphins.

The main difference between the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand are the beautiful coral reefs, so if you want to explore unique underwater environments then Honeymoon Island is your best bet. Many corals here are still alive compared to other spots where mass tourism has almost destroyed local flora.

The island has all facilities for leisure and dining so if you want to make a break you can enjoy delicious Thai food and drinks in local restaurants.

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